Warsaw is great for food! There is a great choice of restaurants to suit every budget. Here are our favorites:


Specjaly Regionalne http://www.specjalyregionalne.pl/  – ul. Nowy Swiat 44, Warsaw 

This is the place to go when you want to try authentic polish cuisine. This restaurant is centrally located and is close to many bars and clubs for after dinner entertainment. Waiters speaks excellent English and you will experience a great customer service – probably one of the best in Warsaw! Ask for Ewa or Bartek

Our favourite: Cydr z Zubrowka (Cider made from Polish apples + special polish vodka – Zubrowka), Smalec (Lard with Leavened Bread and Polish-Style Pickled Cucumbers), Soups e.g. Zurek (Traditional Meaty Soup Served in Bread with Polish Hen’s Egg), Forszmak (Traditional Beef Goulash) from the Lublin Region, with Barley Grits (250 g)

Pierogarnie Zapiecek http://www.zapiecek.eu/main.html  – multiple locations

This place does great traditional polish dumplings and offers amazing choice. There are over 30 different types and the best part is that you can order mixed plate and order one of each type you want to try. The plate of 9 pieces will cost you just over 5 euro and will leave you full. The only downside of this place is service… but pierogi are worth it!



Edamame Vegan Sushi

Edamame Vegan Sushi Warszawa






La Vina – Spanish

Tapas Bar in Warsaw


Maka i Woda

Spaca Napoli





Piw Paw

Stephanie Bistro

Wedel in New Town

Chocolate Fondue

Hala Koszyki





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