Today we were in the mood for a nice quiet place serving Thai food, preferably with a little garden.

We found the perfect spot. Place is called Tang Nueng and is located on the Singharad Rd.  It is open from 09:00 till 21:00. 

It has everything we were hoping for plus nice sound of water and signing birds. There is a quiet music in background. Place is perfect for eating and relaxing.

postpicThis is not a big restaurant – less than 10 tables, you are eating on the fresh air. All food is freshly prepared for order however do not expect to wait long for your food. Service is very nice. Menu offers excellent choice: typical Thai dishes + fruit shakes. Menu is in Thai and English.

  • I have ordered fried chicken with cashew nuts and boiled rice for 35THB (0.79EUR).
  • Roberto went for fried vegetable rice 30THB (0.67EUR) plus cashew nuts salad (40THB).
  • We both took fruit shakes (30THB each) – strawberry and kiwi.
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We loved the food and would order all the dishes again. Kiwi shake was very good – definitely made from fresh fruit. I was a little disappointed with strawberry one as I think it was based on strawberry ice-cream.

Other interesting positions from the menu:

  • Red carry coconut with pork/chicken or tuna kale – 30THB / 35THB   (0.67EUR/0.79EUR)
  • Rice with chicken teriyaki – 30THB (0.67EUR)
  • Noodles black soy sauce with pork/ chicken – 35THB / 45THB  (0.79EUR/1EUR)
  • Omelette pork chopped, mix vegetables – 30THB (0.67EUR)
  • Shrimps tempura / fish tempura – 50THB (1.13EUR)

You can VIEW PICS OF FULL MENU on our Google + Site – HERE 

We will definitely visit the TANG NUENG  again and highly recommend it if you are looking for quiet, relaxing, cheap place for lunch, serving excellent Thai dishes. Total cost of the meal for 2 people incl. shakes was 165THB (3.75EUR)

Tang Nueg on Trip Advisor.


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