Yesterday we had lunch in Taiwan Restaurant located on Ratchaphpuek Alley ‐ 2oom away from our apartment.

The place has a very simple décor. There are 7 tables inside and 3 outside. There is no WiFi available. You would really come here only for the food as the place its neither specially relaxing nor suitable for work. The good point of the restaurant is menu where each dish accompanied by the picture. Menu is in English, Thai and Chinese.

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Restaurant offers great selection of Taiwan cuisine incl. 12 different sauté vegetable dishes and 13 different soups. Other than that you can get here mix of chicken, beef, pork, white fish and sea food (prawns, shrimps, crab, squid).

Roberto ordered Ham Fried Rice for 50THB (1.13EUR) and I ordered Pork Fried Dumplings 10 pieces for 80THB (1.80EUR). Romo liked the rice dish and loved dumplings. Unfortunately I did not get crazy for neither. He would definitely come back for another portion of dumplings. If I am back its only because of him and would either try saute shitake mushrooms for 70THB (1.58EUR), Saute Chayote for 65THB (1.46EUR) or Fried Fish with Garlic for 180THB (4.05EUR).

Click – FULL MENU – to see pictures of menu taken on 18/12/2013.

There are no photos with those IDs or post 806 does not have any attached images!

Unfortunately selection of drinks is limited offering only soda drinks, beer, tea and coffee. We had fanta and soda, 15 THB (0.34EUR) each.

Our bill come to 160THB (3.62EUR) but on the way back home we decided to stop by in Minor Rice to order one more dish each. Soon we will publish review of Minor Rice which is one of our favorite places so far.

Just before I published the post Romo stole my ipad and wrote: Anna is too strict in her evaluation of Taiwan restaurant. Food is good and there is a peaceful environment with people wearing Ramones t‐shirts!!!

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