Suwałki is a town located in northeastern Poland, where I spent my childhood years. There are just under 70,000 inhabitants. Suwalki is located about 30 km from Lithtuania, 147km from the closest airport in Kaunas ( Airport is serviced by Ryanair. You can fly directly to: Ireland, UK, Germany, Norway, Italy, Spain, Malta and Greece.

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We have chosen to spent 3 months in Suwalki for number of reasons, one of them being my father. However there are number of other things we considered before making that decision. 

Here are 8 main reasons why Suwalki is perfect for digital nomads who need a place for few months to re-charge batteries and work on their projects:

1) Price of accommodation – We have found gorgeous 2 bedroom + living room apartment for 275 EUR + bills (total with internet, utilities, management fee is below 400 EUR). This is comparable with Chiang Mai, Thailand which is commonly considered paradise for digital nomads who want to focus on work. Although there is not a lot of apartments available for short-term rent our example shows it is possible to find a great place within few days (We found ours online here:

2) Internet – Among numerous internet providers there are 2 main rivals in Suwalki – Vectra and Netia. Vectra offers contract for unlimited period with 2 months notice (so u can sign up and give notice if you need internet just for 2 months). Netia offers contract for 6 months. Both companies offer true 50Mbps connections which costs 12 EUR per month. You can check details of service providers here. Netia contacts we used are: 87531531361 / email: / address: Witosa 4A / web:

3) Groceries, veggies/fruits and home made meals. Although there are not so many restaurants in Suwalki (Chiang Main wins by far), here you can buy all Polish and International brands with very competitive prices (cheaper than imported food in CM). So if you like Rob are Italian – you can have Lavazza, Gorgonzola, mozzarella, Parma ham etc. In the city center there is a daily market (Mon – Sat) where you can buy 1kg of carrots for 0.50 PLN (which is 0.11 euro per kg). There are also few places where you can eat great and cheap lunches – they even do delivery, e.g. Pierogarnia Rita – every day there is a different lunch set costing 2.28 EUR for main dish or 2.90 EUR for main dish & soup for starter.  There is also one authentic Kebab. 

 4) Shopping Mall and Cinema – there is a new shopping mall – Suwalki Plaza which hosts few large brands like H&M, KappAhl, Rossman, Reserved, Deichmann, Camaieu and Cinema. Movies in Poland are played in original language with polish subtitles so its great for foreigners. Suwalki also has large, operating 24/7 Tesco shop.  


5) Aqua Park and Gym – there are few gyms in Suwalki and one new aquapark. We will be signing up to a medium size old gym in the city centre 5 min walk from our home which allows monthly subscriptions and costs only 77PLN per month so less than 18 EUR –

6) Suwalki is relatively small – you can go everywhere on foot but if you need a taxi, it will cost you less than 3 EUR to get from one end of the town – to another.

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7) Medical Services – there is a large hospital in case of emergencies but also a lot of private doctors covering most specialties.

8) There is lots of interesting places to visit around Suwalki. Suwalki is surrounded by lakes and forests. There are numerous nature parks. In summer you can swim in lakes or canoeing. In winter you can ski. Spring and Autumn are perfect for bicycle trips and Suwalki is great in relation to cycling tracks in and around the town.



9) It’s a clean, slow-paced town. You can definitely relax here and take your time to focus on your work, eat healthy and exercise. 

What you will not find in Suwalki are busy nightlife, fancy restaurants and an expat community. But you can definitely live here without speaking Polish, spending similar amount of money as in Chiang Mai – staying in Europe. 

To see more pictures from Suwalki go to: and  

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  1. Megan

    This is amazing! Suwalki is actually my #1 place to visit in the world (I somehow haven’t managed it yet based on the ease of getting there from other places). A few years ago before I moved from the US to Europe, I was interested in researching my great-grandmother, who I always thought was born and bred in Lithuania prior to moving to the US. When I asked my grandma for her birth certificate (my great-grandma is deceased), she gave me a Polish birth certificate stating she was born in Suwalki. I have wanted to visit there ever since and know I’ll end up there one day! I never knew the history of Suwalki and why she was Lithuanian but living and born there- and it has been hard for me to identify why online- so that is a large part of why I want to visit!

    This post is so great because it is giving me a kick in the butt to finally do so! And it looks like a great place for a long weekend trip (I’m currently in Germany) and it will definitely keep me occupied! 🙂

    Hope ya had a nice Easter break!


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