Seadas or sebadas, depending on which of the various Sardinian dialects you speak are my favourite sardinian sweets.
Firstly, seadas were served as a starter at first but then they started dishing it up as a dessert. It is made of pastry stuffed with cow or sheep fresh cheese and slices of lemon covered with honey. Seadas must be served hot after being cooked in extra virgin sardinian olive oil.
Originally dessert comes from north Sardinia but the best seadas I have ever tried are from Milis (Oristano). They are bigger and both pastry and cheese are just amazing. Form some reason I love eating them with a glass of pepsi! Before living Sardinia I am enjoying seadas a lot, thanks to Romo who bought 10 of them in his recent visit to Milis. Love to take a break from word and eat one delicious seadas. Their tastiness always give me a big smile and more power to start working again. Highly recommended sweet if you come to Sardinia!

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  1. Ivana

    This looks so yummy!! Italy is indeed the right country for sweets, not only for main dishes and dozens of aperitivi 🙂

    • romo & anna

      Thanks for visiting the website, Jennifer!
      We really miss Sebadas! 🙂

      The place reviewed is a restaurant. Can’t wait to go to Krabi and Koh-lanta
      they look amazing! Have you evever been there?


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