Today we have tried Italian style restaurantKoh Lanta Pizza.

I was craving for lasagna and we were walking around Nimman Road in search for a place which would have it in the menu.  Koh Lanta has both lasagna and pizza which Roberto had in mind for a very long time. Restaurant is a little off the main road so you can enjoy your meal. There are 3 tables outside and few inside. 

Kho Lanta Pizza-6 Kho Lanta Pizza

Restaurant offers a very good selection of:

  • appetizers (incl. garlic bread, chicken wings, onion rings) from 38THB to 179THB (0.83EUR – 3.95EUR)
  • salads (Cesear salad, smoked salmon salad) from 49THB to 119TH (1.08EUR – 2.62EUR)
  • pasta (with tomato, cream or pesto sauce as well as lasagna from 79THB to 159THB (1.74EUR – 3.50EUR)
  • sandwiches from 80THB to 120THB (1.76EUR – 2.64EUR)
  • soups (only cream of mushroom and cream of spinach) both 65THB (1.43EUR)
  • steaks served with salad and french fries from 150THB to 250THB – pizzas from 120THB to 259THB (2.63EUR – 5.71EUR)

Click – FULL MENU – to see pictures of menu taken on 27/12/2013.

For starter we have ordered garlic bread with cheese for sharing. Portion incl. 4 slices and costs 59THB (1.30EUR). Served on a baquette bread with generously melted tasty cheese and matching dry herbs. It was very good. For drinks we have both ordered banana shakes (39THB = 0.86EUR). It was very smooth, rich in banana taste but also included a lot of added sugar which for me was a minus. I would not order shake again but Roberto would. 

Kho Lanta Pizza

Kho Lanta Pizza-4

Roberto has ordered Pizza alla Rustica (capers, onions, tuna & chese) 8 inches big for 187THB (4.12 EUR). He found topings to be good but base just ok. Overall for him pizza was too small (although Roberto knew the size he was ordering, for 5 euro in Sardinia he would receive 2-3 times bigger pizza). Overall the dish was average. Just bear in mind that Roberto is Italian and his standards of pizza are very specific. It is also important to mention that Koh Lanta Pizza does not advertise itself as Italian pizza. All ingredients were tasty and fresh. I had a quick look at the Trip Advisor to see other people comments and found one person from USA saying that pizza there is very good and very similar to pizza he would eat at home in USA.

Kho Lanta Pizza-2

Kho Lanta Pizza-3

I have ordered lasagna. Presentation of the dish was very good. Overall I liked it but there was a little bit too much melted cheese and not enough tomato and bechamel sauce. Because of the amount of the cheese the dish was quite heavy. Beef was very good. 

Kho Lanta Pizza-5

We both emptied our plates and come to conclusion that probably a lot of people would really enjoy this restaurant however most Italians or people who are very familiar with Italian cuisine may be disappointed

Our bill come to 457 THB (10.24EUR) which is a lot for lunch in Chiang Mai. Service of the restaurant is excellent and staff speaks very good English. Menu is also in English. It was the first place in Chiang Mai that at the end of the meal I was asked if everything with the food was ok! Koh Lanta Pizza is definitely a relaxing place to eat, where you do not have to rush and you can enjoy complimentary magazine or Wi-Fi. 

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