Those were 3 really busy days!
On Saturday morning we enjoyed the Outdoor Graffiti Gallery in San Antonio before we hit the road to explore few more little towns of Texas. We visited Lockhart, Luling & Gonzales. The plan was to reach Houston but we got so tired that had to re-book our accommodation and stayed the night in Victoria instead. Lesson learned — when planning road distance routes skip booking hotels in advance!
On Sunday morning we drove to NASA Johnson Space Center which made a great trip. Whats great about this place is that its not a theme park or museum but real and current astronauts training center along with engineering station. Little highlight – we touched a piece of Mars! This rock is the only Martian sample the public can touch!
Then we drove down to the coast of the Golf of Mexico – to Galveston for late lunch.
On the way back to San Antonio we were hit by a massive weather breakage. We had a feeling that thunderstorm will hit us at any time, rain and wind were so strong we were worried car can be pushed off the road. We had to stop as it was impossible to drive. We arrived to San Antonio after midnight and had to be at the airport at 4am. This was by far the worst weather we have ever experienced.
Today we took a morning flight to Los Angeles and have spent most of the day catching up on a much needed sleep before next chapter of our travel starts tomorrow!

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