What is BEATBOX?

Kenny Muhammad Beatboxing

When I say I am a beatboxer people ask me what is it so I have decided to dedicate one of the first articles to beatboxing!

Human Beatbox is the art of making music with the mouth. Good ear, ideas and a great sense of rhythm are the basics if you want to start learning it and performing.

Beatbox is now very popular around the world. Names like Beardyman, The Petebox, DubFX, Rahzel or Killa Kela are now internationally known.

The art of beatboxing has ancient roots. It grown and spread itself as a discipline in the early eighties in the United States, more specifically in The Bronx, New York City thanks to artists like Doug E. Fresh, The Fat Boys and Biz Markie. At the beginning it was simply a human-made drum pattern for the rappers then it later began to evolve into a more complex art form.

At the end of the nineties beatboxers like Kenny Muhammad, Rahzel and Scratch from The Roots rejuvenated beatboxing by creating new techniques and fundamental albums such as Rahzel’s “make the music 2000” ‚Äč‚Äčentirely made with the mouth. Saian Supa Crew in France also helped to spread it further.

With the developing of the world wide web beatboxing started to grow. In 2002 humanbeatbox.com, the first beatboxing community went online and UK beatboxer Tyte made the first tutorials so people started to learn and create new sounds. In 2005 Germany hosted the first world championship organized and presented by Bee Low. Beatbox community is very united. “Maximum respect” are the words used by Bee low during the battles in order to channel in mutual respect. During conventions beatboxers use to all join together in circles and creating improvised performances, exchanging techniques and giving themselves advices on how to improve.

The cool thing about this art form is all you need to perform is just your mouth!

picture: kenny muhammad performing. source: www.mtvhive.com

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