On the walk back home we stopped for a coffee and dessert in At Chiang Mai Bakery (part of At Chiang Mai Hotel). I was attracted by very elegant & stylish interior as well as display of little chocolate wonders visible from the street.


Restaurant offers two menus:

  • large desserts and cocktails menu
  • lunch/dinner menu

Click – FULL MENU – to see pictures of menu taken on 29/12/2013.

We have ordered Chocolate Fudge Cake and Banoffee Pie (each costs 65THB = 1.43EUR). Presentation of both deserts was stunning.



We have enjoyed both desserts however taste was just good. We were not blown away by neither of them which is a real pity as visual side is amazing! 

For drink we had 2 fresh coconuts (65THB = 1.43EUR) and cappuccino (55THB = 1.21EUR). Coconuts were super fresh and tasty. Cappuccino was just average. 



Our bill come down to 346.50 THB (7.6 EUR). When analyzing it at home I realized that 10% of service fee was added to the bill. That was unexpected especially that this was not a full meal.

Overall place was very pleasant to relax. It offers WiFi (although we did not test it). Service was very professional and polite. Despite super elegant and “posh” decor we felt comfortable and relaxed. Desserts and coffee were good but not excellent. If you are around, looking for nice place to relax and do not mind paying 10% on the top of your bill visit At Chiang Mai Bakery, however do not expect extraordinary culinary experience.


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