If you are in Sardina – one of the “must do” things is to visit local agriturismo for dinner.
The meal usually starts at 20.00 and can last until midnight. In this time you will try local starters, pasta, meat and dessert. There is no menu – dishes just coming one by one. Another bonus is unlimited red wine! Yes… unlimited, local amazing wine! Also at the end of the dinner you will be offered  myrtle liquor.
As cuisine differs between regions of Sardinia visiting Agriturismo in Gallura (North East of Sardinia) will offer different experience as agriturismo in the south of island.
One of my favourite agriturismos is La Colti (Arzacena / Canniggione). Food is great, mostly based on home-made products.

You will start from a good selection of appetizers (mazza frissa, is a mixture of cream and flour cooked over a low heat, and different ones that may vary including cheese and carasau bread), main (homemade ravioli or chjusoni pasta with ragù sauce), second course (sardinian “porceddu” pork roasted in front of you and some other meat).

The cost of dinner in La Colti is 35 euro but it’s well worth the price and we are sure you’ll leave the table full and happy. What I love about La Colti is outdoor sitting area and the view on how pork is being roasted. Although settings are very rural, they are also quite romantic 🙂


Agriturismo La Colti Review




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